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I’m frustrated

MPC Element will only let me open one instance in fl studio 12

Hi everyone

I just got a secondhand MPC Element and I am currently trying to load more than one instance of the esstentials software at a time and no matter what I try I keep getting this message on screen which says mpc essentials is already running I was wondering if anyone had encountered the same problem and could help me I would be sooooo grateful.
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  • Hi Sian,

    Thanks for posting!

    Using the Standalone version, only one instance of the MPC Essentials Software can be loaded at a time.

    You can load multiple instances of the MPC Essentials plugin in FL Studio. As long as you do not have the standalone software open.

    One of the biggest benefits to using MPC Essentials as a plugin in your DAW, is that you can use multiple instances of the plugin, giving you several different tracks worth of MPC Essentials features and sounds.

    Let me know if this helps!
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