MPC Essentials annoying problems.

Hi! I hope that the technical support Akai pay attention to this message. Will focus on the MPC Essentials Software. So, in the MPC Essentials I have a problem with the lack of routing pads. Because of this, many of the presets library Elements of ... some do not sound pads. And the problem is just that they are routed to the submix bus, which can not be edited MPC Essentials. As routing pads, by the way ...

I understand that the MPC Essentials - this is a stripped-down software. And thanks AKAI, that you include it in the scope of the majority of your Gear. But could you now to make sure that this software works without causing negative emotions among users?

Maybe just add Route drop-down list per pad and submix track such as in MPC Software? I'm not asking about multitrack or any other cool features like in MPC.
Hey and what about contoling Q Knobs with my MPK249? What midi CC i should send to MPC Essentials to make that Q Knobs work? If i switch to Midi control mode in MPC Essentials I get a message that i got no Control surface. Maybe you can add support of control surfaces that have MPC Essentials Software bundled?

p.s. At last... Add MPK2 series and your software to "RELATED PRODUCT/SERVICE" list on your Official forum.
p.p.s. Perhaps my request you will find a lot of grammatical errors. Well, Google Translator helps. From Russia with Love. )))
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