mpc essentials "no device output" error -2004287465


I can't use my mpc essentials. I can't select an output in preference-audio with any audio device type. I uninstalled driver and soft but sme probleme! No problem under windows, audacity.
i use win 8.1 tab

thanks for help
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  • Hi Herve,

    Thanks for posting!

    What audio devices are you selecting from the list? What is the Audio Device type?

    Keep in mind that all of the products that come with MPC Essentials are MIDI controllers, not audio devices, so you'll need to select your built-in soundcard here (probably under Windows Audio device type) or an additional audio interface if you have one.

    You may also want to make sure that other all other software is closed while using Essentials to ensure that nothing else is using your soundcard.

    Let me know how this goes!
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