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MPC Essentials required for MPC Element in Live?

In Live (and other DAWs), the MPC Element's pads are mapped in a crazy, random order, rather than triggering notes sequentially up the keyboard like regular drum pads should; this makes it basically useless for drum racks and devices like Sampler. But when I load MPC Essentials, this mapping somehow becomes linear and orderly.

I don't like Essentials at all, so is it possible to set the Element's pads' mappings to be more orderly in Live *WITHOUT* needing to load Essentials into my project every time?

This question has been asked before in several places, but the answer is always about how to load Essentials into a project and use the "MIDI Control Mode"; this is not helpful, because it means Essentials *must* be used. So, is it possible to straighten out this nonsensical mapping **without requiring Essentials**?
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  • Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for asking.

    The pads may seem like they are in a strange order when compared to other software. All software is going to use different arrangements here and this is what is standard to MPC.

    The Element was designed to work hand in hand with MPC Essentials. Basically like you took a classic MPC and pulled the software from the hardware and put it on a computer. The Element can still be used without the software but it will turn into a very basic midi controller. You would need to find a way to change the pad order of the instrument you are using or convert the incoming Midi using a midi translator like Bome's.

    Using Essentials in Midi Mode is always referenced because it is the best way to do what you are asking. You don't even need to run it in Ableton. You can open it in the background, make your changes and move it out of the way. You can even save your Midi Control Scenes for later in the file menu, in case you need a few different configurations.

    Hope some of this helps! If you have any more questions let me know!
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