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MPC Essentials stops working whe I try to download hybrid to VST pluggins

I've already activated through ilok and installed Hybrid and saved it to a folder that I named VST plugins and in the folder is Hybrid.dII , Hybrid_x64.dII , and Hybrid_3.0.4_Setup (the Hybrid_3.0.4_Setup is an application while the other 2 are extensions). When I scan that file in the Pluggins, a window pops up saying "MPC Essentials has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.". Even if I scan any other folder that isn't relevant it will do the same thing and the program will close. I am using Windows 10 by the way.
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  • Hey Victor,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the software. If you're unable to scan plugins, it is possible that there was a problem during installation. Let's use your computer's Add/Remove a Program utility to uninstall MPC Essentials and start from scratch. You can use your computer's search to pull up the Add/Remove a Program utility. Find MPC Essentials in the list of programs and uninstall it. Move the MPC Essentials installer to your trash and empty the trash. Let's also delete the Hybrid files (.dlls and the setup file) because we'll be going back and reinstalling that too. You already have Hybrid authorized with iLok so no worries as far as authorization goes - you'll just need to reinstall and it will still be authorized.

    Once you have completed this, restart your computer.

    Now that we've removed the software we should run a registry cleaner to remove old temporary files and incomplete/damaged setting files from your computer. You can download a free registry cleaner called CCleaner at the following link:

    Download CCleaner for Windows

    Run CCleaner a few times until it yields no results in its analysis window. When that has completed, restart your computer.

    Now that we're working with a cleaner slate than before, log in to your Akai Pro account and download the installers for MPC Essentials and Hybrid. The first time you installed, I understand that you made custom directories. This time, let's install both MPC Essentials and Hybrid to their default locations - this should not matter but the fewer variables that are introduced, the more control we will have over the installation and you can always reorganize them later.

    After everything is installed, launch MPC Essentials and scan Hybrid's location.

    I hope this helps you! Let me know how it works out.
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