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I’m frustrated

MPC Live 2.2.1 Firmware Issues/ Bugs!!! Help!!

Hello Everybody ,

I have an issue with my MPC Live:
It reboot's by itself all the time after being updated to 2.2 First I get a light show with all buttons blinking plus a type of automatic reboot loop sequence.
I discovered that the problem some kind of a bug or a glitch. (Even though Akai tell me that it may be some kind of hardware problem)
I found out that the reboot loop sequence was caused from the folder with custom chord progressions named “progressions”. I deleted it and everything went back to normal except this time the boot time of the MPC was 2 min long, not like before 15 seconds. Again I resolved this problem by resetting the MPC from the preferences/info page/rest button. And everything went back to normal once again. Except that now I just have another issue, it’s with the software preferences: every setting that I‘m changing it can’t be saved for the next time I open a new project or start the MPC (it keeps going back to the default factory setting).

 It doesn’t remember any custom settings in the preferences.

Now I’m running 2.2.1 and still no luck...
Anyone who could help?
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