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I’m frustrated

Mpc Live Bug: Freezes when playing and "wi fi and storage systems failed to initialize properly "

I was jamming with the mpc live, the ram was about 65 or 70 % full, was recording some drums in different tracks. With the machine playing I go to the menu and the display freezes, the audio keeps on playing but I cannot go back to Main neither other window. The stop button wont work, no buttton will work.

I press the on/off button for 10 seconds to turn it off, but it restarts with the following message: "wi fi and storage systems failed to initialize properly mpc live. Please restart your MPC to use these facilities". The mpc wont have access to internal memory, so I press the turn off, but it wont turn off. I have to press the button for 10 seconds and it restarts with the same message.

It is the first time it happens to me, lucky that it didnt happened during a Gig, because it would have been a disaster. Anyone with the same problem? Akai can give an answer to this?

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