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I’m frustrated

MPC LIVE Feature Request : Midi Learn,shortcuts and lfo's.

To get the MPC live to become a live centerpiece which is what it deserves imho, we miss some really important functions/features that HAVE to be implemented :

- We need to be able to switch to different screens on the standalone without having to use the menu + touchscreen.

For example menu button + pad should allow to jump instantly to user configurable shortcuts or maintain menu+pad for pad mute...It should be user configurable.

- Exposed midi cc parameters/learn function for programs !

Allow control of enveloppes, samples playback, send/return buses,FX parameters from external gears and new/more internal lfos.

At least every function of "program edit" should be accessible this way.

Someone already suggested a mod matrix. If more lfo's aren't technically feasible, allow us to use external ones to control parameters.

One phase locked lfo with only 4 destinations cannont ben the way to go in 2017 !
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