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MPC Live: Make Solo in 'Track Mute' more useful

As it stands, in Track Mute mode, tapping Solo follows the selected solo'd track in the Main screen, or defaults to soloing track 1. It also only solos one track at a time.

I'd love it if Solo in Track Mute mode had a more open workflow, in effect be a reverse mute.

1. Change the functionality so that tapping the Solo button on the screen in Track Mute does nothing until you hit one or more pads...which are then solo'd.

2. Ability to solo more than one track at a time

3. Change the functionality so Solo in Track Mute, is specific to the Track Mute Screen, not tied to the Main Track view

As examples:

Elektron Machine Drum; hold shift, select tracks to mute, release shift...selection takes effect (so simultaneous mute/solo concept)

Korg Electribe E2: select mute button, then tap pads to mute tracks. double tap mute button to solo, then tap one or more pads to solo tracks.

Hey maybe its only me, but I perform live in the Track Mute screen, so to be able to easily drop out to two or three tracks via solo function...its very useful.

Thanks :)
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