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MPC Live : onscreen mixer with vertical faders in standalone

Why is there is no on-screen mixer? A normal one with vertical faders. Right now, in standalone mode, channel mixer displays a bunch of useless squares, AND you can't see different types of tracks at once.

-You should see vertical faders corresponding to all the tracks, and maximize the use of the multitouch screen.

-Mutes, pans, effect sends etc, should all be available from the one screen.

-And you should be able to change the order of the tracks, so that you can see, for example, a couple program tracks in the first two slots and audio in the third another program track... right now the different types of tracks are separate.

-when in mixer mode, you should click on a track (a vertically shown track, as in the MPC desktop software), and the qlink knobs should immediately give you controls for the vol, pan, sends, of that track, rather than be grouped according to the 4 tracks which are currently selected by the qlink "outline", as they are now.

-when in mixer mode, you should have the option to use the pads to trigger midi notes to the selected track (if it is a midi track), OR have the pads mute and solo the individual tracks.

Wouldn't that be much more useful for both production and performance?
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