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MPC LIVE: Sequence in loop mode gets hick up when it jumps to the beginning after automation recht

hope nobody else has that problem with 2.3.
When I record my tracks in one sequence lets say 4 Bars everything is fine in loop mode.
I wanted to do on my HiHat Track an Automation with the decay value with the qlink knob.
Automation recording did work fine but as soon as my sequence jumps from last bar to my first Bar it gets a hick up.
No problem I do undo and do it again but undo has no effect.
Well I thought lets erase the Automation.
Yes it did erase the Automation, but the Hick up still is there.
So I'm glad to save my Project constantly I revert to saved (would be a nice feature to have instead of browsing) everything works fine no hick up.
I repeated the Automation again and got the hick up again, even after new boot up of the mpc live.
Has anybody experienced this issue or does anybody know what caused this hick up.
MPC Live in standalone with os 2.3
CPU 13%
Memory 40%

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