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MPC Live serious bug with pad flattening

Windows 10 latest updates - MPC Software 2.5

In a specific project couldn't be flattened any pad because a constant crash. The problem can be reproduced anytime, it does not flatten the pad and teminates the MPC software without message.

Having a middle-sized project, sequences and programs. All of them have mixed effect inserts from AIR and Akai, no 3rd party used because of standalone usage demanded at the end. In case any of the program's pad must be flattened, independently from effect inserts it crashes after Flatten dialog appearing and clicking on 'Do it' button. The crash does not generate a warning message, it immediately terminates the process without exit procedure. TUI show "processing" state then falls back to initiation state. After restarting MPC software it connects again without problem.

This behavior is specific for that project, it doesn't have any impact on new projects and couldn't reproduced for older projects.

This bug report sent to the team by the bug report tool from the MPC software.
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