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MPC Live Songmode songwriting live performers

Hi all. I'd recommend this a great all-in-one unit for bands who want to improve their live sound. Also, as it has 6 outputs, the rhythm/synths etc. can be assigned nicely in the studio. The sound collections are great. Some tips: 1) Only load individual samples, not kits/libraries, as memory is not huge. 2) Save your first couple of projects to an SD or USB. 3) Plan your song so it works over 3 or 4 sequences, because you can only chain a maximum of 8 sequences in song mode..just about enough! 4) Don't use this live because you have to manually load each song ( or projects of 3 or 4 songs )...embarrassing.. Way better to hard pan a click for drummer on left, hard pan backing on right, export as MP3 and play live off an ipod or mp3 player. The Akai MPC can add a 100sec tail in case the drummer forgets to stop the mp3. I say this because venues don't care about stereo, plus requesting just one desk input for backing is still pushing it. The MPC Live is quick and easy, has 6 outputs, touchscreen, great sounds. It is meant for dance guys not wanting songs but wanting 500 bar sequences they can manually play over, however, for indie/rock bands, you can get a polished sound without investing ( and carrying ) Apple MACs, Ableton, synths, drum machines, portable mixers. Just don't go crazy with the tracks/samples ( not that bands generally do ). Nice!