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MPC Live standalone as master-clock


When using my MPC Live in standalone as a master-clock in my hardware-setup (various synths, sequencers and drum machines) my problem is that the MPC needs to be running to send clock on its MIDI-out.

Whenever it is not running there is no clock! This is a big problem for me as I do have situations where I want my external gear to run BPM-synchronized with my MPC stopped at the same time.

Additionally the MPC live sends "start" (and "stop") -CCs on its MIDI-out causing my external sequencers/drum machines to start (or stop) when I do not want that to happen.

There is a possibility to overcome this problem with additional gear (eg from MidiSolutions) but I would prefer a "one-gear-solution".

It would be great to have an option on the MPC settings where I can set the MIDI-clock and start/stop-behavour of my MPC.



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