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MPC Live: Step Sequencer issue

Hi ! There is a way that could avoid the sound of a pad when you select it (in play mode and in Step Sequence mode)? Always when you press a pad it sounds? For me, it becomes a problem if you are preforming and creating the sequence in a live session.

I know that when you press Shift+Pad the 4x4pads turns into a step sequencer. But I want to work with the sequencer in the screen while I press a pad to choose a sound (without make the pad sound everytime I press a pad). It is a lot faster than Shift+Pad and then sequence with 4x4 pads, and then press "PAD SEL", and then repeat to choose a diferent sound. This is very important if you are making a beat on the run, in a live situation.

Thanks !
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  • Hey Juan,

    Thanks for posting!

    When using the Sequencer you can hold down the Shift button and select a pad without it sounding. Once you release the Shift button whichever pad is lit green will load its step sequencer into the Live's display. This is a quicker method than entering Pad Sel mode and then pressing Shift to discretely select a pad.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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