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MPC Live timing accuracy Tested: Note start times unpredictably varying up to 12ms

I've been integrating my new MPC Live into my analog hardware setup, where I am syncing the MPC to other sequencers and drum machines. On first adding the MPC to the setup, I started to hear a bit of timing discrepancy between the MPC's drum patterns I had made and other hardware.

I did a bit of research/testing and ended up recording clicks from all of the devices simultaneously. In my DAW I then went and measured the distance between clicks from each device in milliseconds. The 2 main pieces of gear I use are the Cirklon Sequencer, and the Analog RYTM. Both of these devices showed very consistent click distances. At 150bpm the distance between the start of the click waveforms was consistently 400ms with both of those machines. Very solid timing.

The distance between the MPC clicks however varied between 396ms and 408ms, without any sort of patten as to when the shorter or longer distances appeared.

12 milliseconds is VERY Noticeable in this case, which is why I was hearing my MPC drum patterns sounding a bit sloppy when played alongside some tight sequenced synth lines from the Cirklon.

To prove the accuracy of this test, I did the "waveform start measuring test" again recording audio of 3 different MPC Metronome types, and 2 different drum programs. The tests were done zooming in on each waveform start to make sure I was getting a highly accurate reading.

I first did this test with the MPC receiving MIDI clock data from the Cirklon, but I ended up getting identical results when I recorded and measured all the clicks again by turning of MIDI clock receive and running the MPC separately by itself.

Has anyone else noticed these timing discrepancies? I'm wondering if I have a bad unit or something.
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