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mpc live workflow improvements

tell me if i'm missing any good tricks/workflows - i'm new to the mpc live and mpc sampling in general but I've lots of experience with emu samplers and soft samplers/synths/daws (I'm using the live standalone as that was the main attraction for me so any solutions that require USBing to a computer are welcome but don't really count as a full solution).

I know this is a long list but I've come from Emu samplers which were always extremely generous with all sorts of features and functions to make interesting sounds... Akai has always seemed very basic in comparison (I had hoped they might have caught up by now but it looks like they've been cutting features instead of adding them!?). I want to spend a lot of time on the live since a full featured battery powered sampler with sequencer is too good a proposition to pass up! Here's my list;

seems to me it's very easy to accidentally re-assign samples if you leave the browser from the assign mode - when i go back to the browser from program edit it will re-assign the pad to be the first sample

is there any reason samples aren't allocated numbers? I sometimes slice long samples destructively but that leaves me with a huge list of small samples to wade through - there should be a sample number that you can write in to skip tonnes of samples when needed (same when you've imported a multisampled instrument with velocity layers etc)

You should be able to get straight to sample edit from program edit sample page1 (jumping to relevant sample from the pad in just 1 step, i think it takes 3 button pushes at the moment) - am i missing something?

please, please, please add automation to as many sample paramaters as possible (pitch, pan, filter controls, LFO rate + mod amounts etc., warp value), and some fully assignable aux LFOs and envelopes while you're at it! [edit - I just found out what the q-link page is for! forget this stuff about automation]

step based automation (hold a pad in step mode, change some values which are applied to just that step like in ableton live or maschine - very handy creative feature)

currently when you select multiple pads to edit, fx inserts and sends are only applied to one of the pads (not sure how the mpc decides which pad it's affecting in this situation)

my q-link controls are playing up occasionally - particularly the top one doesn't always do anything until i adjust another one and come back to it (usually fixes the issue). Do I have a fauty unit or is this a software bug?

any chance of a good reverb? maybe limited to just the sends to avoid killing the machine... I imagine the goal was to make some CPU friendly reverbs but they all stink - they all sound like a sample of a basket ball hitting the floor has been layered on top of my audio. Possibly the worst reverbs I've heard to date

Is there a way to play with the sampler insert fx whilst sampling? I've tried but when I select the insert fx it ends the sample recording... again, am i missing something?

any chance of having a warp value set by pitch instead of length? Would be handy for some glitchy fx (add automation to that to make it even better)

[edit i forgot a couple of things!]

sequences need some kind of automatic naming - it's too easy to get lost in them with the little info given on the screen during copying/pasting/cueing etc.

more offline sample editing options! A good denoise function would be amazing, but even just setting a few insert effects then bouncing down (without having to make a sequence and bounce it). I love a bit of offline processing to mess around with, not every effect has to be a real-time CPU hog

Thanks for reading! I've tried to look up everything in the manual + online but apologies I may have missed obvious things and thanks in advance for any tips.
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  • Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for posting!

    Numbered samples could be a good idea! As for getting to Sample Edit from Program Edit, it should be as easy as Selecting Menu > Sample Edit. I don't believe it will get any easier than that! There is not a way to add inserts while recording. This is something that will have to be done after the recording is finished. There is a lot of feature ideas in this post and I'm glad I got to check out your ideas! Definitely, make sure that you submit all of these as a feature request! The Q-link controls acting the way they are could possibly be some type of bug. Submit this as a bug below!

    MPC - Submit a Feature Request

    MPC - Submit a Bug Report

    I hope this helps!
    • Thanks for your reply I will submit those!

      Just so you know (and maybe I wasn't clear what I meant), you can insert fx when recording samples (in the sampler page that is - I don't know about recording audio parts), it's one of my favourite features that I use all the time - I'm just saying it would be really nice to be able to modify the fx parameters while recording a sample (eg. sweeping the delay time on the analog delays for some nice spot sfx)

    • haha, and I've just found you can assign the q-link to do this by using the "learn" button on the project tab of the q-link page. It's a bit of a long way round but definitely worth it - I'm surprised at how many things it turns out you actually can do when you start digging around (I think the manual should have an added section for all these almost hidden features and techniques because if it does mention this in there I couldn't find it!)
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