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mpc live/X performance improvement in track mute mode (standalone)

Despite of the word "Live" in the name of MPC Live, it's live performance capabilities are restricted mostly to fingerdrumming now... What I propose to implement in MPC standalone functions to make it a real instrument for live. All these functions are for track mute mode, but could be used in other modes too.
1. Choosing tracks by holding 'shift' and hitting corresponding pad. This was on MPC1000 with JJ OS. Very useful for navigating between tracks.
2. Playing pads (of chosen track/program) in track mute screen by hitting pads while any specific button hold or switched. It could be an additional screen button or an existing hardware button (tap tempo for example) with an option in settings to use it this way.
3. An additional screen panel (in track mute screen) with qlink names, values and qlink current mode (project/program etc..). This panel could be placed instead of shown track banks.
4. A shortcut to switch between qlink edit modes by holding Qlink button and pressing one of four bank buttons.
5.User-assignable qlink names for assignable qlinks. Currently it's hard to navigate between dozens of cutoffs and other common parameters. User-assigned qlink name could be coloured to highlight them from standard names.
6.If it is possible - to add some kind of "track mute scenes" when launching the scene mutes/unmutes several tracks simultaneously. Combined with exclusive solo grouped tracks (my last request )this will let to play live in Abl*ton style (and better), and to use the MPC project for a whole live set, where a sequence=a song.

What do You think about these possible improvements?
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