I’m frustrated

MPC Ren looses 3rd party plugin settings on reloading project.

Hey guys,

I am on OSX and 1.8 here, don't know if that problem existed before

All SSL and Soundtoys plugin settings get lost after closing the project.
They will load in their default state on reloading the project.

Tried to save presets in the plugins itself, doesnt work.
AU/VST, doesnt matter.

Pretty sure that more 3rd party plugin vendors might give the MPC software that problem as well, but because I didn't use 3rd party plugins (or the Ren in general for that matter) to that extend like I do now, I cant confirm any others (yet).

I can' t risk working on a full project/mix that will loose my settings on reload.

If I find out about more vendors I will add them here.


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