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MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio - Controlling Instruments in Reason on

First off i have reasonvst it works ok but is there a way to link mpc sotware with reason 10 .. open side by side on windows.. i see they have something for osx.
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  • Hey certifiedbeatz,

    Thanks for posting!

    Rather than running Reason and the MPC Software individually, you can open MPC as a plugin directly in Reason. When you installed the MPC Software, the MPC VST plugin was also installed. Have Reason scan the directory to which the MPC plugin was installed and you will be able to open MPC as a plugin right within Reason!

    For more information regarding using DAWs together with ReWire and Reason, have a look at this Propellerhead article:

    Reason Mac and Windows Troubleshooting

    I hope that helps!
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