MPC Software - Change Default Install Directory Folder - Feature Request

I want to say great job to the Akai Teams for standing behind their products, like the MPC Software and thank you for continuing to roll out new features and improvements submitted by the Akai Community.

I just purchased the MPC Renaissance and I’m loving it. Im currently running MPC 1.9.4 64bit

I have a few feature requests and hopefully the whole community can benefit from them.

1) The ability to change the default install directory folder for Apps & Plugins.

Lots of modern computer setups these days run on multiple internal & external ssd drives. Some people may only have 120Gb or less for their Operating System hard disk C:\drive. I would love to be able to install this MPC application on my dedicated 1Tb ssd that I made strictly for music installations D:\Programs Files. I also have another dedicated 1Tb ssd for Samples & Libraries that I would put expansions and etc.. into.

2) Program Edit Offset feature Enhanced.

Sample layering control means so much to me. I played around with this feature for hours and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how use the offset feature to move a layered sample dialed in at +600 without the sample become altered like it was becoming the feature next to it called Pad Start. When the offset is dialed in at 0 to -999 the sample itself isn’t altered, just the timing as to when the sample becomes audible, which is what I want but also in the plus or positive offset. The problem with this is all the layers would need to be offset negatively which would trigger them a touch too early in the sequence. Right now my understanding is that the only way to use the 4 layers of samples is to use the program edit offset at the default number 0 or any negative number to achieve a different audible time per sample layer without altering or cutting off the samples like the feature Pad Start would achieve.
Please comment if you know of a way to achieve the program edit positive offset without altering the sample layer sounds. Basically I want to adjust the timing of samples on each layer in the positive and negative.
Right now my work around to create a custom snare is to use 1 sound per pad, record those pads in a sequence, turn off time correction and slightly adjust each note to the left or right to achieve the same results.

I hope this feature makes it into a future MPC version.

3) Open software via controller

This one isn’t crucial, but would be very cool. Maybe an option when the Renaissance or Touch is turned on hold down button X to launch MPC Application.

4) MPC software browser enhancement, making use of right arrow on computer keyboards for auditioning sounds.

Right now the computers keyboard is utilizing the up, down, and left arrows but not the right arrow. Hmmm.... I come from a back ground of FL studio and the use of the right arrow to audition sounds enhances work flow tremendously. I personally would rather tap the right arrow over and over again to audition the sound I seek vs grabbing the mouse and clicking over and over again on the little audition speaker at the bottom of the browser. This would be a great addition to the MPC Software.

Thank you for your time, let's make music!
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  • Corey S (Official Rep) March 21, 2016 15:01

    Thanks for posting!

    1) The software can be a little sensitive to these changes, but if you'd like to do it, there are still plenty of options. I think most commonly, users would create a symbolic link. You can find out more about that here:

    2) To set a sample to play later, you'll want to adjust it's Offset to a negative value (in the Program edit, sample layer). Do this by clicking and dragging on the right side of the Offset field.

    If you set it to a positive value, the start of the sample will start to get chopped off at the beginning. The reason for this is the sample can't possibly play any earlier, yet is being pushed to do so. Keep in mind that a sample playing as soon as you hit the pad is Offset "0." To have a sample play any earlier, it would have to anticipate that you were about to hit the pad. I don't think the world is ready for an MPC that reads minds ;)

    What I'd suggest is setting the layer you want to play first at 0 and adjusting the other samples around that. Setting the sample to play earlier and get chopped off is still very useful for a mixing the tail of one sample onto the hit of another. I think if you mess around with this a little more, you'll see what I mean.

    3)Good idea! I'll pass this one along for you :)

    4) You can use all of the arrows to browse through files/folders. The left and right arrows should be browsing through your folders, while up and down scroll through the files in the folders. If you click on the "AUTO" button next to that speaker, the software will automatically play the sample as you click/arrow over it. So no need to keep clicking on that speaker.

    You can also set the sample play length in the preferences (Other > Audition Auto Play).

    But that being said, an option to set a hot-key to audition a sample could be a useful audition, so I'll submit something for you here too.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!
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  • Hi Corey S, Thank you for getting back to me.

    Regarding – 1) I may look into that link you sent, but I think I will leave it for now or until I get more time to play around. I have enough space on my c drive as of now, so I think I will leave it how it is. Would love to see this in the new MPC 2.0

    Regarding – 2) MPC that reads minds, lol. Hey you never know maybe in the future 
    Okay so let say I do work in the fashion of using the “0” offset as my last audible sample of my 4 layers and I dial in the rest at -700, -500, and -200. Now when this layered pad, let’s say PadA01, is recorded in a sequence, is there a feature that allows me from HARDWARE to slide or nudge “All” of the events of “PadA01” forwards or backwards?
    I am aware this can be done via software in Grid View using the Select Tool and with the quantize off I can freely slide or nudge all selected events of PadA01 where I wish.
    I also know this can be done for “Each” event in a sequence through Grid View or List View on both software and hardware, which is a great feature and I thank the Akai Team for implementing it.

    Regarding – 3) Thank You

    Regarding – 4) Yes that’s correct Corey. My bad, Yea I meant to say once you navigated to your sounds folder with the auto play feature engaged, right now to re-audition the sounds by computer keyboard you must arrow up or down first then come back to the sound you want to audition again and in this specific situation the right arrow key currently does nothing. The right arrow should still function as it does when entering into folders but once selected on a playable sound the right arrow should turn into an audition hot-key that can be triggered over and over again. Thanks Corey and I really hope this one makes the feature list. It’s just a nice workflow and sometime we don’t want to hear other sounds and then the sound we are interested in, which is the current workflow via the computer keyboard.
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  • Corey S (Official Rep) March 23, 2016 12:57
    The best way to nudge an entire line of events, like all the events for a particular pad is to do it with your computer keyboard. Hit the pad you want to edit (it will select all of the events), then just hold shift and use the arrow keys to nudge the events. You can do this even with quantize on.

    You can also nudge events from the list editor on the Studio (SHIFT + SEQ Edit), but this would have to be individually and would be very tedious.

    All of that being said, I want to clarify that when layering samples, your sample starting at "0" is the FIRST sample to play in time and any layer in the negative would play after it, not before. In your example, the timeline of events would be: 0, -200, -500, then -700. 0 would be on the beat and everything else just a little after it, like a delay. Just remember that if you're adjusting the right side off the Offset Grid, you are pushing the sample further back in time.

    I hope this helps!
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