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MPC Software dithering 24 bit audio to 16 bit in chop mode and 'bounce to sample'

This is an ongoing issue that dates back to 1.x versions of the MPC Software. There are currently two areas where the MPC Software (and standalone firmware) where the MPC is dithering 24 bit audio down to 16 bit audio, regardless of the settings in 'Preferences' (which are all set to 24 bit wherever there is an option to - e.g. 'drag and drop' and 'General').

1) Chop mode: 'destructively' chop a 24 bit audio file and the resulting chops are 16 bit. Create a patched phrase from a 24 bit file and the result is 16 bit.

2) 'Bounce to Sample' - the resulting bounce is always 16 bit.

Please note that 'Drag and Drop' works as intended, i.e. if you use the 'Export Audio' icon and 'drag' the icon to your desktop or another application, the resulting file is 24 bit. It's specifically the 'Bounce to Sample' option that always produces a 16 bit file - this is found in MAIN (hardware interface) or right click on the track in 'Inspector' in the software.

BTW, on the subject of dithering, the opposite problem exists with the 'MPC1000/2500 program export' feature. If you have a DRUM program made up of 24 bit samples, the resulting 'MPC1000' export _doesn't_ dither those samples down to 16 bit - hence those samples won't actually load in an MPC1000.
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