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MPC Software request enchancement 1.8

Hello, first of all, a big congratulations and thank you for that version 1.7! below you will notice things that I would like in version 1.8:

Software utilities :
1) add (at least) 4 audio tracks (independent of Pads) which would allow us to place such as transition effects, or whatever we want or a accappela or track a reference or allow us to records a vocal... Etc...
2) make information levels on the mixer more visible (it's great but is it hard to clearly see)
3) allow the sending of a tracks A to B via a Sends (to allow using a sidechain on a compressor) e.g. kick starts the compressor on the bass
4) in the song mode, allow visually see a split of all the sound elements of each sequence (visual feedback of what is played in real time) eventually combine song mode with the mixer to finish her song.
5) allow to visualize a sequence during playback in song mode (without playback is interrupted)

Software enchancement :
1) allow to change the skin or at least color of the interface
2) a global vue mode, allow us to see all tracks, effects used in same times
3) allow us to change the size of the mixer (maybe allow to see only the mixer in full screen and/or on a second screen)

MPC renaissance enchancement :
1) Allow the possibility to see the Pads always yellow light for example, and changes color when frape on one of them

Various :
Allow to use the MPC for control of ableton live clips (like apc...)

Thank you for your times !!! Sorry for my english.

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