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MPC Touch + 2.4

This is a brief message about the latest MPC 2.4 update.

I was very critical about problems we had with the Touch on Mac OS 10.13. I was very disappointed with how Akai handled the situation and wrote at length about it.

The Touch works very well with Mac OS 10.14 and has been very solid. It took a long time but it happened. I don’t think it would be fair for me to have been so critical without saying how good of an update 2.4 is.

I’ve been using is for the past couple of days and it’s been really nice. I’ve been using the MPC software since 1.0 and the latest 2.4 update has so many good things about it. The addition of Air FX is so huge, it’s a really big deal and Akai needs to be commended. They could have easily made this a paid update and they didn’t. These FX add THAT much value and functionality. I can only imagine how it is for Live and X users. The FX sound really good and are really fun to use in the touch interface and the TUIs look really nice on the Touch. Also, there are new TUIs for other Air instruments as well.

I also took some time to deeply explore Mother Ducker and it works very well and I was also surprised to see that it offers 8 different busses! This is really big and something that a lot of people have been asking and waiting for.

I thought it would be proper to send a shout out to Akai and say thanks for this major update.

As someone that has been very critical of them, it’s only right to applaud them when they do something cool and this update definitely deserves some praise.

My Touch has been rock solid on Mac OS 10.14, and now with MPC 2.4.

Well done, Akai! Thank you.