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MPC TOUCH screen not working in High Sierra and MPC 2.3

Hello, I bought an MPC touch used. I'm on High Sierra 10.13.3. When I first installed the MPC 1.9... it worked fine. As soon as I installed the MPC 2.3, the screen doesn't work, even if I install the display link driver included in the installation program. But there are 2 interesting things :
_ when I decide to launch MPC 2.3 without configuring the screen, it says that I have to reinstall displaylink, because the driver is out of date! lol The driver in the MPC 2.3 installation program... too much for me
-when I uninstall the mpc 2.3 to reinstall the mpc, everything work fine!
So the problem is NOT with the displaylink driver itself, but with the link between the MPC 2.3 software and the displaylink driver!
Akai, what am I supposed to do? My macbook is too old to upgrade to MOJAVE, and I've too many program installed on my hard disk to do a downgrade to Sierra. Is there a patch in progress to let high Sierra user that CANNOT move to Mojave using the MPC 2.3 software and their MPC Touch, or are you letting ALL the MPC Touch user on High Sierra to be mad at you and going to other brand?
I really hope that there will be a good solution for us!
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