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MPC Touch will not display screen on Windows 10

Ive tried this many times. No success. Lets give the details..
Im having issues displaying the MPC Touch display while connecting to windows 10. Ive done research, and I have done many of the recommended paths.
1.I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything included with the MPC touch software.
2. Windows seems to want to update the drivers, which the update doesnt work so i have even rolled back the display link drivers to 7.9 from the windows update which puts it was 8.1.
3. I have changed usb cords, but im using the one it came with.
4. I have checked my scaling and made sure it was at 100%
5. I have did a clean remove of all drivers using the recommended displaylink cleaner software.
6. Ive connected the MPC touch to a different computer, which is my macbook and the display screen works fine.
7. i have tried different usb ports.
Also note on my first install of the mpc touch display link drivers, the MPC display did work. But something strange happened, it looks like if you relaunch the MPC software the display link install portion becomes red as if its not installed, but you can see the drivers are installed if you look at your hardware and devices.. This was noticed when i tried to use MPC as a vst and a alert would come up saying the display link drivers were not installed. This is what sparked this entire thing. I have not been able to get the mpc to install ever since the very first time.
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  • Hello Asim,

    Thanks for posting!

    It looks like you have done some thorough troubleshooting already but have a look at this knowledge base article regarding troubleshooting your MPC Touch's display:

    MPC Touch - Display Configuration Troubleshooting Guide

    If you find no success with the above article, I would recommend using this utility to remove the DisplayLink driver from your computer and reinstalling the DisplayLink driver with the MPC Touch installer:

    How to completely uninstall DisplayLink software on Windows 7 – Windows 10

    Since it has worked previously with this computer and also functions with a Macbook, we know the MPC Touch is working properly. In the event that the display is still not working with the PC, I would recommend reaching out to the computer's manufacturer for support regarding the computer's drivers.

    I hope this helps you!
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  • Hi Asim, did you slove your Problem? I have the same one. Tried all the steps mentioned but it is still not working. I am freaking out! can you help?
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