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MPC Update - Phase Flip, Side-by-Side Sample Editing, and Option + Click to Default Parameters

1. This seems like an obvious thing to me, so I apologize if it's been suggested, or if it's already been added and I've missed it. Out of phase samples when layering multiple sounds is one of my main issues with programming in the MPC Software. There needs to be phase invert buttons on the Program Edit tab next to each of the four layers for that pad.

2. Taking this idea further, it would be an impressive addition if on the Sample Edit tab we could view two different samples one on top of the other, and be able to move their start times/offset in relation to each other. This would also help with #1 above so we can actually see when our samples are out of phase, and move them in phase.

3. Most other plugins have a way to return knobs and parameters to default or zero. Option clicking is common for Waves, command click or double clicking for Native Instruments plugins. Please pick one and implement it in the next software update!
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