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MPC X and Windows 10

In our setup we run both Windows 10 on a Dell and macOS 10.14 on a aging Mac Pro 2010 and sometimes on a slightly younger MacBook Pro 2012 with a loud fan, in which the computer sometimes overheats and turns off in the middle of a session. We have noticed some serious price creep with Apple which is why we would like to move to the newer Dell PC. But there are driver issues, noises and artifacts, intermittent MIDI latency and a whole lot of other drama and windows configuration issues that just don't happen when you use macOS with the MPC X. Now the twist is the MPC Ren on Windows 10 has fewer issues than the MPC X, but still not as solid as the Mac and the MPC X. Due to all the memory and track limits in standalone and the price creep with Apple products makes fixing the Windows 10 driver or Microsoft fixing their OS a top priority for us. Not sure how much pull you all have here with third parties like Apple and Microsoft involved. It would be great to have machine specs in both user upgrade-able memory to the same track count in standalone mode as you get in controller, then one would not worry about the controller mode issues as much.
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  • Hey cvbeats,

    Thanks for posting!

    A large number of MPC users (I might suggest the majority) are Windows based. I'm not aware of any widespread issues with Windows 10 - a driver needs to be installed on both Windows and Mac operating systems and after that, the setup between both operating systems is identical. Is there something specific I can help you with?

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