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MPC X - Audio tracks moving and truncating themselves

Let's say I start a 4 bar project named "Melodic Heart". The keyboard piece I recorded in on Audio Track 1 is a four bar loop. I've lengthened the sequence to be 32 bars total. Eventually after enough work has gone into the beat I'll press save and name it.

At this point I may turn the MPC X off or open another project to begin refining it. The problem lies in when I go back to Melodic Heart. I'll move the locator to the beginning of the sequence and press play. After the initial four bars I recorded in on the keyboard have concluded and we're into the fifth bar, the melody goes silent. I'll look into the audio track and notice that it's been shifted an arbitrary amount to the right. I have two options at this point to remedy the situation: 1) click every individual duplicate loop that's out of place, edit the start point or end point to extend it, and slide the melody into its position, or 2) delete every loop after the first and begin duplicating the first until the 32 bars are filled.

Every single time I open the track the same thing happens: all the keyboard loops after bars 1-4 are out of alignment. I've tried saving the project as a different name and it repeats the same glitch regardless.

Does this happen to anyone else? Do one of the firmware updates addressed this problem?

Note: This problem doesn't happen every single time after I initially save the project. It could be on the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time I've edited it and saved it that it begins to randomize the pattern(s). It's happened with multiple audio tracks and it's also happened with just one. That's why I used words like random and arbitrary amounts.

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  • Hey Isaac,

    Thanks for posting!

    I'm sorry you've been having some trouble with that! Does this occur without doing anything to the project?

    In other words you will save the project when everything looks correct, open a different project, then open the original project again and without making any changes and the audio is displayed that way?

    Are you changing the sequence tempo when you open the project with audio already recorded to audio tracks?
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