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MPC X - Copy PADs between Programs

I am writing to ask you if you could please improve the copy function between pads so that the user can copy pads between different programs (as it was also in the mpc5000). Believe me that it is very detrimental not to be able to copy a pad from one drum program to another: think about having to reuse an interesting pad from one program to another, or when you want to modify an old program by inserting interesting pads used in other drum programs. It does not make much sense to make the workflow quick and smart by taking advantage of all the touch screen technology and then for a "trivial" and repetitive operation, forcing the user to take pen and paper to write down all the parameters of a pad of a program in order to be able to replicate the same pad in another program.
I do not say for the Keygroup Program (which would be useful anyway), but at least for the drum program please make the function the same as the mpc5000.
I sincerely hope that this request does not fall on deaf ears.
Thank you.

Best regards
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