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MPC X Feature Requests (April 2018)

MPC X Feature Requests:

– Create your own project/song templates that can be saved. I know we could save a new blank project, but maybe if we set a project as a template we could "lock" it so it wouldn't become an actual project (in other words, we won't ever mess up the template). This would save setup time in starting a new project.

– Preferences for changing the screen colors: Being able to change the red bar at top to a custom color (I don't like seeing the big block of red on the screen as it's distracting to me), the teal waveform background (it'd be great to be able to choose our own waveform color, wave background color and highlight color), etc.

Thanks and keep rocking the code you guys!

P.S. I understand the red/branding thing (I used to work in advertising) but I just think if we're going to be looking at a screen a lot, then we should have the option of changing colors.
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