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MPC-X is great / mid 2018 / good user experience

Hi, having used the MPC-X (via the Renaissance+Touch) for two weeks now we..

-have been surprised of the cool professional packaging ('s Apple Mac Pro-like).
-like the sturdy touchscreen protection cover/shield (..we use it for a 9" tablet too).
-enjoy the Q-Link displays (..very exact infos at the fingertips when making music).
-count on the solid display stand (..doesn't bend or make any noises during work).
-use the easy accessible front panel SD card slot a lot (..swap files and projects).
-praise the solid MPC-X casing but overall low weight (..hit it hard + carry around).
-love the silent operation ( display/LCD noises, no distracting fan, no crackles).

Nothing major, but many small little things do sum up for a good user experience.
We've been reading a lot about the MPC-X before purchasing it and also tested it
in the shops, but we didn't know very much about the above mentioned subjects.
The MPC-X touchscreen protection cover was a welcomed, positive little surprise.

Praising the MPC-X, we do have to admit that the legacy MPC Renaissance isn't
so very bad either. As beeing a MPC controller it is really very much different, but
at times it's the very same machine (knobs, buttons, transport, solid casing, usb).

ps: Above mentioned fan noises exist on Roland MV-8000s, the MPC-X has none.