MPC X, Live & Touch - Full-featured arpeggiator

Hi There,

To be at the centre of a creative or live workflow, the MPC X, Live & Touch need a full-featured arpeggiator for use with midi, cv and samples.

An arp could obviously be used with synths (many don't have one, including many classics) but also to generate/randomise hats or other samples for cool effects (as well as live):
- Specify notes via 16 step editor
- Specify notes via pads
- Specify notes via scale/chord
- Randomise notes via scale/chord
- Randomise notes
- Adjust global gate of all notes
- Global chromatic transpose of notes (-/+12)
- Specify octaves (1-4)
- Up
- Down
- Up/Down
- Down/Up
- The pad order played
- Random order
- 16 step play/rest pattern
- Radomise play/rest pattern
- 16 step velocity pattern (for accents)
- Radomise velocities or randomise between a specified range (like 60-127 etc)
- 16 step glide pattern
- Radomise glide pattern
- Rate controll or sync to internal BPM, tap tempo, MIDI clock
- Play 2/4/8/16/32 division of the synced beat
- Swing control
- Real time editing of the above while arp and/or sequence is running

While a basic arp is manditory (come on, it's a classic effect) please go all-out - make it simple to use via the touch screen, make it fun and make it awesome!

There's already a basic arpeggiator request for v2.0 but it's locked so I couldn't add to it.

Also, could the MPC X and Live be added to the 'Related product/service' list.


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