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MPC X Midi file import/export (standalone)

Hi, I am considering purchasing an Akai MPC X (already have the 5000, after the 2000XL) - My question is, can it load and export midi files straight on the MPC X? I would rather do it through the unit itself as standalone as my PC runs linux, (ubuntu studio which doesnt support 2.0 software) and i load and export everything as midi files.
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  • He Richard,

    Thanks for posting!

    MIDI files (.mid) can be imported into the MPC X's sequencer but the MPC X will not export a sequence as a .mid file. Track sequences can be exported from standalone as pattern files (.mpcpattern) which can be opened with the MPC software or with a standalone MPC. The MPC Software can export whole sequences and track sequences as .mid files or .mpcpattern files.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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