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Cubase 10 Pro sluggish when running the mpc plugin

I'm having a few issues. My MPC X and MPC Live get out of sync in stand alone mode as a midi slave.I'd rather use it in standalone mode, but since it wont stay in sync I'm forced to use it as a plugin. When using either device as a plug in.. Cubase becomes sluggish. Every time Cubase becomes sluggish or freezes, I notice that the Mpc screen will dim and act as if its buffering...white dots will briefly appear on the screen. Cubase doesn't freeze if I'm not using the Mpc plugin. ... Also, my Advance 49 keyboard is sending out messages that are opening folders on my computer and activating functions in Cubase while I'm playing it. I recently pushed my Native Instrument devices to the side because I wanted to switch my production to Akai products. I love my Mpc's, but this is killing my workflow.
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