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MPC X / MPC Live Firmware Update v2.1 and MPC Software 2.1 Released!

Hey everybody!

The MPC X and MPC Live firmware version 2.1 has been released! In addition to that, the MPC Software has also been updated to version 2.1! Log in to your Akai Pro account and check your registered products to download these updates for your registered MPC hardware!

The MPC Software will prompt you to download the latest update upon launch. You can also manually search for updates within the software to download the latest and greatest!

These links will take you through the processes to update the firmware and software:

Akai Pro MPC X and MPC Live - Firmware Update 2.1 Walkthrough

Akai Pro MPC Software 2.0 - Downloading and Installing the MPC 2.1 Update

Be sure to check out this link for more information about the 2.1 updates:

MPC Hardware and Software Release Notes

Enjoy! :)
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