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MPC X sequencer size in regards to recording synth knob movements.

Can anyone tell me the MPC x sequencer size?? Ive got an MPC 5000 and it can only just handle 45 minutes of simple trance sweeping and tweaking of filters & cutoffs etc.(1 outboard synth !). 100 000 notes I think which is nothing.
what size the the sequencer in the MPC X ???
Does it really only have 2 gigs of ram to handle synths & samples???
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  • Hey Pre Hab,

    Thanks for posting!

    I have not yet come across a limitation for the amount of data that can be written into the sequencer nor have I seen an issue of this nature come up here in the community.

    The amount of memory that sequence data (note, MIDI CC, etc.) will take up is effectively negligible on this device. While I don't have a specific value for the amount of MIDI data that can be contained in sequences, I do not foresee you running into a problem.

    Let me know if you run into anything!
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