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I’m disappointed

MPC X Shuts Down Immediately After Turning On

My MPC X was working fine last night. I have an SSD expansion drive installed. I recorded a new sample, played for a while, everything was fine. I went to shut down, saved the project to the expansion drive, and it turned off as normal.

Today when I went to turn it on, it powers on, but very quickly shows a screen with "Your MPC was not properly shut down the last time you used it. Please power down correctly to avoid data loss." Please see attached photo (I had to capture it with my camera in slow motion and take a screenshot). It then shuts itself off.

Of note, before getting the expansion drive I had recorded a lot of samples to the internal drive, and I think it was close to full. I'm not sure if all the new samples go to the internal drive, but I suspect it is full. I was in the process of deleting all my projects from the internal drive after saving them to the expansion drive.

All my googling says I will have to send it to Akai for repair. Is there any way (button combination or something) to start it in "Safe Mode" or diagnostic mode?

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