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MPC X stuck in store for repair by Akai.

Hi! A friend of mine bought an MPC X in july, but by mid september it froze up, and he couldn't get it working. He sent it back to the store, which in turn were gonna send it to Akai to get it repaired. BUT the day before my buddy sent it to the store, the distributor for scandinavia (Luthman) filed for bankrupcy. The store claim to have tried to get in touch with Akai, but for two months his X has been sitting in this store in some kind of limbo, where no one wants to take responibility. It's been sitting there forat least as long as he had it since he bought it. I have both the Live and the X myself, I an can only imagine the inconvenience of NOT having my equipment at hand. So I'm asking, please, can someone help?
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