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MPC X Using cue links to navigate note editing screen.

I love sample
editing with the cue links. It's super fast. Zooming in and out of a sample is
precise and smooth. Best editing control I have experienced on hardware. Hands


That being said... why not apply that control to note editing in grid view? Every time I'm editing notes I find myself wishing I could use cue links instead of having to use two hands on the touch screen to pinch and swipe up and down.

I can use one hand on a two bar sequence, but my default preference is working with four bars. And then the swiping becomes annoying because its not super precise.


And while were wishing lol.

You could put the editing tools on the cue links as well and select them by just touching the cue link knob.

Editing by touch screen is ok, but lets say you zoom out to find a note. First you select the magnifying tool. Swipe around until you find the note. Now let's say you want to erase that single note. Now you have to zoom back into the note, because the erase tool doesn't really work until your zoomed right up on the note. Then to the top of the screen to select the erase tool, Then your right back to pinching and swiping and so on... a lot of moves for just a finding a note and editing it.


Might even be useful on all screens. Vertical and horizontal scrolling.Moving up and down channels in the channel list. Moving through mixer tracks. Edit list scrolling.. Etc...


Just a thought

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