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MPC5000 update

Is the MPC5000 getting any update? it was mentioned many times on your twitter page during the last couple of weeks, but we haven't seen anything.
Do you really expect that your user base would buy new products when you haven't supported the old ones for years, regardless all the feedback people gave you?
We all know you have people on and I bet many of us have contacted you with feedback for bugs reports and update ideas, but we haven't seen any progress since OS2.0...
Are you going to do something to update you so called MPC flagship? or you have already forgotten all your user base that bought your recent products and you are focusing only on the new line?
MPC5000 is a great machine regardless the existence of the new MPC Ren, it just needs the long waited update it deserves!

Have a look to what JJ alone has done during these years to the MPC1000 and the 2500... I can only imagine what the 5000 could do if you would update its software!
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