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MPC Software 1.7+ Feature & Function Requests

I truly believe these features/functions would improve the interface and workflow of the MPC Software as well as the creations made by users.

1. Option Click returns parameters to default/unity

2. Vintage/Modern Exciter and Saturation Plug Ins (Tape and Tube)

3. Unlimited amount of Insert slots no matter what it is, tracks, pads, etc.

4. FX Inserts for submixes along with a submix mixer section
-Unlimited submixes would be nice too

5. Cross fade looping for sequences

6. FX PlugIn Position move/ copy/ and bypass/active options for pads and tracks, etc.

7. FX Inserts for Sequences not just tracks or pads. And a mix window as well for sequences
-This would come in handy in the next step window

8.The Ability to copy/move/rearrange sequences with pads in next step mode

9.The Ability to type in a specific number for fx rather than try to get close with the Q-links

-I love the milliseconds format but when calculating the 1/4 note delay time in milliseconds often times I can't get dead on. That drives engineers such as myself crazy but sometimes it sounds cool. I just think users should have an option to get it exact as needed.

10. The ability to tune each step to a specific note when in step sequencer mode and do it to a scale

-This function is similar to that of analog sequencer's i.e. Doepfer dark time

11. The ability to switch between 64 bit and 32 bit modes without having to close the program and uncheck the box in the finder window.
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