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I’m frustrated

mpc studio for pc user

When sampling I get no audio when recording I tried virtual audio cable free version still no sound do you think I need to by full version someone help im lost. Using window 8 I have 16 gb 1tb also can I use this for a daw in mixcraft 6 if not im thinking about buying studio one pro version waiting for feedback first. .
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  • Hello Cameron,

    Thanks for posting!

    What is the source of the audio you're trying to record? Is it external (like a microphone) or internal (like YouTube, internet streams)? Are you using the MPC Software as standalone, or only within Mixcraft?

    Honestly, I've never had any luck with Virtual Audio Cable, but it may just be because I've had limited time with it.

    In order to record audio to the MPC Software as a plugin, the DAW needs to be able to route audio to an instrument track in some way. Some DAWs will use a plugin's "sidechain input" to accomplish this.

    Within Mixcraft I was not able to find any method of doing this. I did some online research which seems to confirm this, although you may want to contact them for a more accurate answer.

    With Studio One I'm also not positive. However, I've found this article/tutorial which discusses sidechaining.

    Let me know and I'd be happy to help!
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