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Hello Akai Pro forum ..this is our very first post via MPCSOUND.

Finally we are starting to share our information about Akai MPC synthesis and its
sound options on various channels. We should have done this around 10 month
ago, but with the last Akai MPC 2.3 update it just seems the best time for it now.

We're a small team of enthusiasts from different musical backgrounds and have
teamed up with active Akai MPC users around the globe to share sounds and
information. Thanks to active forum members around here (especially Daniel,
Robert Hugo and PSOUND;-) we stand were we are at present. Anybody alive
and kicking MPC is very welcomed.

In the beginning 2018 we've created a lot of synthesis experiments via single cycle
wave synthesis, which resulted in convincing sounds (see YouTube/SoundCloud).
But from now on with new options of the Akai MPC 2.3 update, the integration of
synthesis on MPC s is much more «streamlined». With knowledge of analog and
digital synthesis, we're happy about the new build-in MPC «TubeSynth», beside
the «MonoSynth» and «Organ» and like to start sharing some information about it.

If you like, please visit our media channels we found time to set up and subscribe.
We will do ongoing postings on YouTube, SoundCloud plus Twitter and Instagram.
Catch us around this forum to get involved and exchange with users. Thank you.

....Videos on YouTube

....Music on SoundCloud

....Quick-Infos on Twitter

....Fresh posts on Instagram

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