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Mpd18 bottom 4 pads dont work with ableton drum kits

I cant get my mpd18's pad 1-2-3-4 work. Its set to preset 1 but when i load a drumkit from ableton the bottom 4 pads wont work. I tried other presets but none of them is right. Any advice appreciated. Im on ableton 10 suite on mac os high sierra

I dowloaded the akai;s editor installed but cant seem to open it
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  • Hey umut,

    Thanks for posting!

    The first four notes in Ableton's Drum Rack instrument default to C1, C#1, D1, and D#1. You can use the MPD218's editor to assign the MPD's pads to those notes but keep in mind the MIDI notes are scaled differently in Ableton than they are on the MPD. Ableton defaults to C1 but you should program C2 to the first pad on the MPD - regardless of the note scaling, MIDI note number 36 is the default first note in Drum Rack.

    Either way, I went ahead and made a preset for you that you can load into the MPD's editor and send to the hardware:

    Akai Pro MPD218 Ableton Live Drum Rack default preset

    The MPD2 series editors are compatible with the version of macOS you're running. What happens when you try to open the editor?
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