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I’m frustrated

MPD218 & MPD226 midi problem with Live-Lite

hi, I have a problem with my 2 controllers (MPD218 and MPD226) and live-lite on PC windows 7 64 bits computer.The thing is that they are both correctly recognized in live but no information midi arrives in live, when I hit the pads there is no signal (the small yellow square of live doesn't lighting on) and no sound is triggered in the drum rack I loaded. I tested both devices with "Midi Test" software and they send and receive both signals midi. I also tested the mpd218 on a Mac and on this machine no problem it works correctly with Live to (I think it will be the same result with the MPD226).
Can you help me to find a solution to this problem because I can not use my 2 multi pads and especially the MPD226 that I just bought. Thank you.
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