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MPD218 Toggle mode LED behavior (not MPD18)


thinking about buying a MPD218 to trigger drones on hardware synths. Can someone please confirm that:
1) A pad with "Toggle" trigger mode will light up with the first hit (Note On, the LED stays on) and then go out with the second hit (Note Off, LED off)
2) This behavior is independent from any outside DAW/software (I want to try this:

In advance, thanks,


PS: when posting a new topic, the mandatory "RELATED PRODUCT/SERVICE" selector has no MPD218 item.
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  • Hey Kris,

    Thanks for posting!

    Yes, the MPD218's pads can send toggle type MIDI note messages. Pushing a pad one time will send a Note On message and the pad's LED will illuminate and remain illuminated until acted upon. Pushing the pad a second time will send a Note Off message and the pad's LED will turn off.

    If another device is not sending MIDI data back to the MPD, the pads will not be affected and will behave independently. I would advise ensuring that whatever you do connect the MPD to, make sure that it can provide power via USB as the USB port is the MPD's only means of receiving power.

    I hope that helps you! If anyone in the community has tried this, I'm sure Kris would appreciate some additional input!

    By the way, thank you for the heads up about the MPD selection in the GS form - I will forward that to the team!
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