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MPD32 .xmm file for MPC Desktop Software


A friend of mine has a MPD32 which is just eating dust. It would be, however, a useful controller for the MPC Desktop software (2.x), but a predefined mapping does not exist (yet):

Is this something that Akai will provide in a future update?

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  • Hey mj,

    Thanks for posting!

    I haven't heard the team specifically mention integrating a control surface map for the MPD32 in MPC 2.0. That doesn't mean that it's off the table, though. I'll forward your request to the team for consideration!

    In the meantime, your friend can still use the MPD as a generic MIDI controller. The MPD32 has a preset (Preset 3) that maps its pads to the classic MPC layout. Its parameters can be further configured via the MIDI Learn feature as the faders, knobs and buttons are all assignable. Additionally, the Transport buttons can be set to transmit MMC messages which will correspond to MPC's Transport functions. So, there's a lot of functionality that can be customized fro use within the software.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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