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MPK 249/261/ Advance MIDI Feedback


Does the MPK 249/261 support MIDI Feedback from the DAW? Is there any way to display the name of the parameter being edited on it's display instead of just the CC number?

I know ADVANCE supports it while using VIP but does it support the MIDI Feedback standard.

I am asking this as I am a Reason user and if necessary I could program or modify the codec for it as long as the keyboards support the standard, regardless of whether it already does this or not.

I just need to know if the keyboards support them or not. I could make these files available to other users if I am successful in implementing these features.
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  • Hey Anup,

    Thanks for posting!

    The MPK supports incoming MIDI CC data from a DAW, whether it can receive corresponding text in the display is unclear from the available documentation. I suppose there would have to be some sort of embedded metadata in the messages transmitted. However, this is a little outside the scope of this forum.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
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