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MPK mini 1 not assigning controls

My old MPK mini (1) no longer maps effectively for the rotary knobs/pads in ableton. Is there a way to factory reset? I've tried to install the original software that came with it - but it doesn't install. Is there a way to factory reset to see if that will maybe get things mapping, and is there some mapping software i can use apart from MPK software? I can't find anything for the MK1. i'm assuming perhaps its so old it's not supported now, so might only be good for using as a keyboard controller, and the rest of the assignable controls may not work without a software update.
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  • Hey owensage,

    Thanks for posting!

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. The MPK doesn't have a dedicated factory reset command, though loading a new preset to the hardware will have the same effect.

    If you are unable to map the controller via the Editor Software, I suggest using Ableton's MIDI Map feature. Click on the software parameter that you want to assign then move the corresponding knob on the MPK and exit MIDI Map mode. The knob should now control that specific feature.

    If you try this and are still having trouble, I suggest testing the MPK with MIDI monitoring software. A MIDI monitor will show you all the incoming data from any MIDI controllers or MIDI interfaces that you have connected to your computer.

    For testing MIDI devices on PC:
    Download MIDI-OX

    This video will get you set up quickly for MIDI input monitoring in MIDI-OX:
    Monitoring MIDI Input with MIDI-OX

    For testing MIDI devices on Mac:
    Download snoize: MIDI Monitor

    Select the MPK as a MIDI input source in the monitor and send some data with its knobs. If you see MIDI CC data appear in the input monitor window, then the MPK is capable of being reassigned and the issue is stemming from software settings.

    If you try the steps listed above and you are still unable to send MIDI data with the knobs, product may need to be serviced. Warranty and non-warranty claims are not handled here on the forum, but I can point you in the right direction! Here are a couple of options that you could choose from:

    • Submit a Warranty or Service inquiry with our Technical Support team by logging onto the Akai Pro Support Page. Select Warranty or Service Inquiry from the drop down menu.


    • For quicker support, call your nearest Support Office or International Distributor.

    Make sure to reference or link this thread to help out the support team.

    Try this and let me know how it goes!
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    • Hey owensage,

      Thanks for the information! If some of the knob are not sending MIDI data to the monitor then there is an internal hardware problem. Unfortunately, adjusting the presets with the Editor will not resolve this. I suggest contacting the support team (from the link above) and inquiring about warranty/non-warranty service.

      Let me know if you have any questions!
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